Social responsibility


  • Just Group annually sponsors students with scholarship to study at I.M. Gubkin Petroleum and Gas University to contribute to the growth of skilled experts in the oil industry.
  • Savings Bank demonstrated its social responsibility in 2011 under the slogan “Valuing Development of Mongolian People” and sponsored 47th State Mathematic Olympiad organized in Uvurkhangai province.
  • Discounted student loans to “Education-Grant of Development” tuition fees have been awarded for the 3rd consecutive year to high potential students with limited financial ability.


  • Among the Child health protection programs, “Khaluun Bolor”, nursing center for children with brain paralysis, which relies upon Shargaljuut Spring in Bayankhongor province.


  • In collaboration with Paralympic Committee, implementing “Let’s Win Together” Donation campaign with slogan “Support from Savings and Aid from Society” to support the paralympic athletes for their contribution to raising the national reputation with their great successes.

Child protection

  • Supported the sheltering program for homeless children within the framework of “Music for Child Development” program organized by Ministry of Social Welfare and Labor.


  • Donation of 61.2 million MNT to the herders from provinces with winter severity was made comprising employees’ one day salary and subsidiaries’ donation.

Social welfare of employees

  • Just Group organizes various employee welfare programs and by 2011 has provided 72 employees with residential apartments spending over 6 billion MNT as an employee retaining and frinqe benefit scheme.